friendly reminder misty is still gonna be cutting up frogs in hell when freakshow premieres

When a relationship is over, leave. Don’t continue watering a dead flower.

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American Horror Story: Freak Show poster

When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

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I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait.

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Michael Brown’s dad before the burial. 

The emotion and all of the sweat…. shit is hard to look at, even if its only a picture

I didn’t want to reblog this because it’s hard to look at, but people SHOULD see it.

We SHOULD see a father mourning his teenage son.

We SHOULD see how a killing like Mike’s can take a toll on not only a community, but a family.

It’s as easy for young black men to become martyrs as it is for them to become victims. They can never just be humans. 

We can never just be.

Yes yes yes! Ready for this friendly match………… 💛💙❤️ #Colombia #miseleccion